About Us

Being a lawyer of danish and luxembougish nationality, I am advising international clients mainly in respect to tax, corporate and investment funds law.

In February 2013 I decided to retire from the Danish Bar due to incompatibility of the Danish and Luxembourgish Bar regulations, especially in respect to professional secrecy.  I am since then only rendering legal advise in respect to Luxembourg law.

I am running a small Boutique Law Firm as  business lawyer mainly rendering legal advise, issuing legal opinions, setting up corporate structures and drafting agreements. Litigation does not fall within our core activities.

When rendering legal advise it is our goal to explain the sometimes very complex legal and economic facts as easy and understandable as possible without getting lost in the professional legal terminology. We want our clients to understand, not to be impressed or even intimidated by legal vocabulary.

Among our clients you will not only find international business enterprises and investment funds but also individuals who have selected Luxembourg as their place of residence or professional activity.

We are working equally in German, English and Danish but always on the basis of the Luxembourg Laws and Regulations  written in French. Trilingualism, with German, French and English is not unusual in Luxembourg, but with Danish we are covering a small niche making us a Boutique Law Firm.